We are moving! We'll still be in the valley, just a bit further west. In this process, I have begun going through the freezer trying to figure out what to eat up so we don't have to pack yet more things. It seems we always have one banana left behind in the fruit bowl that gets too ripe on us. I stockpile them in the freezer for banana recipes like this one. Looks like we'll be eating a lot of banana things this next week... Growing up, my mom would sometimes make snack cake, and it was always a welcomed treat. I see a lot of snack cake recipes with zucchini or bananas, and for good reason. In this recipe, the banana adds moisture to the cake without having to [...]


We've been having great, mild weather in Colorado this past month. Mid 50's, blue skies, plenty of sunshine. I know more snow will come, but I am so enjoying this spring-like spurt. There have even been a couple of day where I've been lucky enough to sport shoes, not boots! With Valentine's Day approaching, I've been thinking about extra sweet touches you can add to your morning courtesy of the kitchen. Valentine's Day always brings berries to mind, and this recipe incorporates plenty of them with a sunny, citrus burst of lemon. I like this scone recipe because it has an egg in it, which I feel makes a better-textured scone (at least to my preferences) and an extra does of richness from sour cream, instead of milk or buttermilk, [...]


Has anyone ever had those Lofthouse sugar cookies from the grocery store? You know the kind- the thick, soft sugar cookies with a sweet layer of frosting and sprinkles on the top. Well, these taste just like them. But homemade, which makes them even better. The recipe makes a lot, and that's just fine, because they'll go quickly (to make things less tempting, I froze half of my dough). Even with our dry mountain air, well-wrapped, these taste almost better the next day, when the flavors have a chance to meld. Don't be afraid to experiment with these cookies, either. Here are some ideas to start: -Add 2 teaspoons of almond or coconut extract to the dough and top the icing with toasted coconut flakes -Add 1/4 poppy seeds and the [...]


Excuse me, while I keep easing into January. Now that we're about 1/3 through the month, I think I am finally switching out of "holiday mode". The first week into this month, I didn't bake anything sweet. In fact, I didn't really cook anything at all either. Lots of take-out or dining out. But life has gone on. And our snowy weather today ushered in the need to produce something hearty, salty, chewy, and garnished with chocolate: oatmeal chocolate chip peanut butter bars. Besides the chocolate-peanut butter thing, these go down easily because they have oats in them. So they're not straight junk... Happy new year, all. How to make this high altitude adjusted recipe: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars Adapted from Patricia Stoudt/Taste of Home 5.0 from 1 reviews [...]


I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season. Only two days left until Christmas! If you're still on the hunt for holiday recipes, I've compiled a list of favorites below. For those of you still seeking cookie recipes, click here, which includes information on our 2013 High Altitude Bakes Cookie Book, as well lists of our published cookie and bar cookie recipes available to everyone. Merry Christmas!   (Above, top to bottom: Apple Olive Oil Cake with Maple Icing, Walnut Pear Coffeecake, Boston Cream Pie, Spiced Pear Pastries, Chocolate Spiced Creme Brulee.)   Holiday Breakfast Favorites: Beignets Cappuccino Muffins Braided Pistachio Coffeecake Walnut Pear Coffeecake Apple Olive Oil Cake with Maple Icing Kouing Amman Spiced Pear Pastries Chocolate Brioche Bread Vanilla Cream Scones (add dried or fresh cranberries, orange zest, and [...]


The darker, holiday cousin of carrot cake, this cake certainly commands attention when placed on the dessert table. Rich spices and moist cake pair with a tangy, citrus-scented frosting that's perfect for this time of year.  Zack brought some of this cake into work and said it was gone in a matter of minutes, which I have to admit surprised me a little. No doubt this cake is good, but it's deeply flavored with molasses and spices and not exactly the sweetest treat on the block. He said everyone thought it was carrot cake with a twist. Just look at how splendid it is. Creamy, sweet frosting on the top adds just the right touch. Are you heading to a party and need to bring finger food? Cut into small [...]


I bake cake nearly every week, several times per week. So it's safe to say that given the choice, I often choose other desserts to eat over cake. This recipe totally surprised me- after tasting it, I kept reaching for more. That's saying a lot! But honestly, who can resist perfect pound cake? And when wrapped well, it seems to only get better with age. If you're looking for homemade gift ideas, this a good contender. Bake the whole cake for a hostess gift, or divide the batter into smaller loaf pans for multiple gifts. I bake cakes like this the evening before, so that it can sit overnight and get better (they seem to grow moister and develop a stronger flavor). The rum adds just the right holiday touch, although [...]


How's your holiday baking coming along? Are you over cookies yet, or do you have the energy for one more recipe? If you do... this is a very easy recipe. I'm visiting family in Indiana over the holiday, so I wanted to bake up a bunch of treats to hold Zack over while I am gone. Included: these buttery sliced cookies. These cookies are simple because after shaping the dough into a log and giving them a good chill, you simply slice and bake them. They're also great for keeping in your freezer so you can serve freshly-baked cookies on a moment's notice. Lots of butter and egg yolks contribute to a melt-in-your-mouth, rich little cookie. And the best part? Our dry high altitude air only makes them better as [...]


Then search no further. Last year, we released our High Altitude Bakes Holiday Cookie Book 2013, which contains all cookie recipes from the previous two years, as well as unpublished ones exclusive to the cookbook. The cookbook is an e-book, meaning it's a downloadable, instant-access book, right from your computer or iPad. And all of your favorite high altitude cookie recipes organized in one book. To purchase the book, click the "Cookbooks" tab at the top of the page, or simply go here.   The following unpublished recipes are included in the book:   Date Pinwheel Cookies Peppermint Meringues Sicilian Fig Bars Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies Chocolate Snowflake Cookies Lemon Madeleines Whipped Butter Cookies Coconut Macaroon Trees Cut-Out Gingerbread Cookies Pecan Pie Bars Soft Molasses Cookies Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies Ginger [...]


Many of you have been asking for a good cut-out sugar cookie dough recipe. When iced, these kind of cookies are Zack's favorite, so you can bet we make some variation of them every year. I stumbled across this recipe recently and decided to give it a try. I'm always open to new versions! The dough, while very soft, becomes easy to handle once chilled. A great trick for rolling out any kind of dough is to do so between two sheets of parchment or wax paper. If things get too sticky and soft, simply place the whole sheet in the freezer for a few minutes. It's low mess and ensures no dough is left behind anywhere. With cut-out cookies, if at any point you get frustrated, just put the dough in the refrigerator [...]