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Creamy Caramel Sauce

by Chef Megan Joy on April 13, 2014

We’ve had lovely weather the past week but today a pleasant little system is moving through, reminding us oh so well that we live thousands of feet up in the mountains and the weather has no mercy. While it’s damp and chilly outside I’m going to cozy up in the kitchen and share my recipe […]

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Whole Wheat Muffins

by Chef Megan Joy on April 10, 2014

My life the past month has been pretty hectic. I’ve had so many weddings, cake tastings, and other projects that I literally have not had any time for ‘casual baking’ at home, unfortunately.  What do they say- when it rains, it pours? On Tuesday I wrapped up a cake photo shoot and now, for the […]

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Chocolate Stout Brownies

by Chef Megan Joy on March 16, 2014

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to divert from my usual brownie recipe and make something a bit more festive- these chocolate stout brownies. Living in Colorado, we are so spoiled when it comes to craft beer, so I opted to use something local rather than Guinness. Any strong, dark, malty stout […]


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Neiman Marcus Cookies

by Chef Megan Joy on March 3, 2014

Happy March! I’m so delighted that we’ve been seeing more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Dare I say it’s starting to feel like spring?  I’ve been enjoying these cookies this week. I made the full batch of dough but only baked off a few at a time- I like them warm and gooey. Similar to an […]


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Double Lemon Bars

by Chef Megan Joy on February 13, 2014

My mom just left town today. She was visiting from the Midwest, where the temps there lately have been insanely frigid. We were hoping for some bluebird days during her visit, but Colorado decided it would be overcast, cloudy, and snowy instead. We still had a great time though, and she also got to meet […]


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by Chef Megan Joy on January 30, 2014

Sometime between 5 am and 9 am it decided to snow, oh, about 13 inches. I got up early this morning to test some doughnut recipes and I had to spend quite a while pushing all that snow off the car.  I suppose it only made the doughnuts taste sweeter, as we sipped hot coffee […]


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Cappuccino Muffins

by Chef Megan Joy on January 18, 2014

I know I’ve shared my memories of baking recipes out of Taste of Home magazine with my mom when I was younger. The new magazine arrivals were always such a thrill- we’d sit together and go through each page, marking the recipes we planned to make.  These cappuccino muffins came to mind this afternoon when […]


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Snowy Day Blondies

by Chef Megan Joy on January 14, 2014

Today was one of those sleepy, perfect kind of days off. It was much needed, too- I had two wedding cakes in Aspen last week, Zack’s been working a ton, and we have our new little monster, Abe, to constantly tend to. I never knew puppy training (and care taking) was as much work as […]


Homemade Dog Treats

January 5, 2014
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Greetings! I hope everyone’s been having a fresh and joyous start to 2014. December was a crazy month and I’m sorry I couldn’t do more posting, although there was plenty of baking  and pastry activity taking place.  There was a lot of Megan Joy Cakes work and another trip to Aspen: Right before Christmas I […]

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Pecan Buttercrunch

December 16, 2013
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Christmas is 9 days away! Are you ready? As promised, I made a candy recipe that performs appropriately at high altitude. My mom’s good friend Cheryl always sends the most delicious chocolate covered toffee around the holidays, and this recipe reminds me of it. It’s buttery, crunchy, chocolaty, and coated in nuts. Highly addictive.  I […]

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