August 2012

How can it really be almost September? I suppose the farmer’s market this past weekend was a good indication of late summer, judging by the abundance of Colorado produce. Weird to think that in a month or so, we will start seeing a dusting of snow on the high mountaintops in the mornings. Last week, I was in South Carolina with my family. It was wonderful to spend time with everyone, and enjoy the ocean together. We’d ride bikes around the island, play in the waves, hunt for crabs at night, and eat dinner around a huge table every night. The sounds and smells of being at the beach were intoxicating. A great trip… I also was fortunate enough to recently spend some time in Telluride, which was incredible. It [...]

August sure has a way of sneaking up on you. Before you know it, the month is halfway over. But late summer is wonderful. I have been soaking up the lush green mountainside, the cheerful hummingbirds who visit my feeder 100+ times a day, and the nights when I don’t need a light jacket. For these too shall pass as the season evolves into Autumn. I have been so busy making pastries and my Honest “Twinkies” that there hasn’t been too much downtime in the kitchen. When my baking work is finished, I want to get outdoors and play. Like I’ve probably said a million times, summer is my absolute favorite season in the Rockies. With views like these to distract me, can you really blame me? Next week we [...]

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