September 2012

Last night when I heard the rain on my roof, I had a feeling we’d be seeing some white this morning on the mountains. And I was right. I love when the mountains have snow in the early summer and fall, because they contrast so beautifully with the trees, whether they are green or yellow. Such a horrible life it is staring at them everyday. The snowy tops and chilly weather are a big change from where I was earlier this week. As one last ‘hurrah’ of summer, a group of us spent a few days on a houseboat on Lake Powell. It’s basically one enormous lake in the middle of the Utah/Arizona desert. Spectacular canyons and rock formations line the lake and the temperatures were still in the high [...]

And suddenly, it was Autumn in the Rockies… I’ve been scrambling these last few weeks to fit in whatever “summer” activities I want to do before it gets too cold to play outside all day. And before the snow hits. Trust me, it’s coming. The shift in temperature and Aspen leaf color has also stirred up feelings for traditional fall flavors/sensations: I crave spice, warmth, apples, buttery squashes, and depth. My mom and her best friend Cheryl are in town and before I left for the airport, I mixed together this bundt cake. I wanted to have something hearty on hand, whether for a quick breakfast or as a portable snack on hikes while we take in the fall foliage. Honestly, I just wanted to make something with apples, too. [...]

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