May 2013

Now that I am back in the mountains after visiting family in Indiana for a few weeks, I’ve finally had some high altitude kitchen time. Being at sea level because I had to remind myself not to ‘altitude adjust’ whenever I baked anything! In Indiana, all of the trees and shrubs were blossoming when I first arrived and it was so beautiful. I got lucky this spring because I returned to town when everything decided to bloom here too. It’s beginning to look like summer! Each day our aspen trees open their leaves a little more and the hummingbirds have arrived by the fleets. So, whoopie pies. In the last two years, whoopie pies have certainly been a ‘trendy’ food. When gourmet food shops and bakeries began showcasing the whoopie [...]

Now into our second week of May, the grass keeps getting greener and the snow continues to melt. I like the direction things are heading. And today, it rained! No snow this time. I have been very busy working on my upcoming downloadable High Altitude Bakes Breads Cookbook. A lot of progress was made this week and it looks like I’ll have that finished up and ready in the next week or two. I’d also like to mention that for the past two days my diet has consisted mostly of, well, bread. Oops. My favorites so far- naan, almond coffeecake, no-knead dutch oven bread, and chocolate-filled whole wheat buns. All of them, however, are delicious. Nothing compares to freshly baked, homemade bread. This upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Even the [...]

May feels good, doesn’t it? The mountain is closed, the sun is shining, and bit by bit, the grass is turning greener. In a few weeks the aspen trees will also start to open their tiny leaves. I’m looking forward to summer in the valley, and I always do. Yesterday evening I noticed something out of place in my backyard. A second look confirmed my surprise- two HUGE moose grazing! It was that time of day when it’s light out but too dark to get a clear photo, so unfortunately I have nothing to show for it. But it was pretty neat and I enjoyed watching them. I grew up in the midwest, so moose and other mountain wildlife sightings get me more excited than most. There’s just something so [...]

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