July 2013

It’s been a beautiful past week here in Vail. Perfect temperatures, a slight breeze, and hummingbirds everywhere. Now that it’s July the Rufuous hummingbirds have arrived in their fiery, copper splendor and provide great entertaining for the cat. I’ve managed to get a few hikes in and this morning I was out with my friend Rachael, picking berries right off the trail. I love summer. The house still gets a little stuffy by the afternoon, so I usually try to avoid baking mid-day. The past few farmer’s markets have had an increasing variety of produce available, which has been fun. Last night we made cherry jam and garlic-dill pickles. I bought a few pounds of apricots for more apricot liqueur, and with the leftovers I decided to make this sorbet. It’s [...]

I don’t know about all of you, but these last two weeks here have been pretty hot. By no means am I complaining, but when the temperatures start rising I really don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We don’t have air conditioning- just heat. It’d be kind of pointless having it out here, since the cool evenings naturally do the trick when you open the windows. Sometimes in the middle of the day, if the oven is going, it gets rather stuffy in our place. Last weekend I bought a ton of apricots at the farmer’s market. I envisioned apricot cakes, apricot tarts, apricots with puff pastry, apricot danishes…but I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to. My house was hot. So we’re going [...]

I go back and forth on my favorite type of nuts. Usually I’d say pistachios, or marcona almonds, but then when I taste cookies like these ones, I can’t deny my love for the pecan. If I didn’t love chocolate so much, I could say sandies are one of my most beloved cookies. Buttery, crunchy, tender. A hint of salt that lingers on the tongue. Generous  pieces of toasted pecans. Powdered sugar that melts in your mouth. Pecan sandies are best eaten any time of day. Really. Not to mention, these guys are plump and large, making them perfect for sticking in your pack on a hike. Imagine munching on a sandie while taking in a great view of the Rockies??? If I haven’t convinced you to make these yet, [...]

Hello everyone! I hope you are all have an enjoyable summer. I can’t complain- June was filled with a few trips all over Colorado and Utah, as well as lots of wedding cake work. We’ve been getting a few rain showers each week which is such a blessing compared to our dry, kind of scary (wildfires!) summer last year. I’ve been taking in all of the wildflowers this year. We didn’t have a whole lot last year, and they add a fun dynamic to hikes. I always see new ones tucked among the familiar faces. For the Fourth of July there were what felt like a million people in town. My little brother makes fun of me for complaining about what I call ‘traffic’, but when you live in a [...]

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