August 2013

We were lucky enough to make a quick trip to California last week.  We spent one day exploring San Francisco and the rest a bit north in Sebastopol visiting friends. If we had the right kind of luggage I would have filled my entire suitcase with figs. Below are some photos from the trip because they’re too beautiful not to share- harbor seals, the pacific ocean, good food, and a cheerful city. A few weeks ago we came across some sour cherries from a little produce stand in Silverthorne. They were already pitted and frozen in bags. How convenient! Some of them went into a red plum and sour cherry jam that was amazing- crimson red, fruity, and just the right amount of pucker. From that moment on I knew [...]

Well here we are, almost into September. Once again, summer has breezed by!  A few weeks ago I was on a major canning kick. Any produce we got our hands on I tried to preserve- crushed tomatoes, cucumber pickles, peach salsa, peach jam, apricot lavender jam, fig jam, plum butter, apricot orange marmalade…the list goes on. Zack picked a bunch of wild raspberries from the woods out back and we even made a jam out of those. It’s a labor of love but the sound of a jar sealing is so satisfying to me. It gives me a little thrill. It’s the simple things… Last week my mom was visiting and we drove to Palisade for the day. I have never seen so many produce stands in one area in [...]

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