September 2013

It seems as though every time I’m on Pinterest, this cookie pops up. I think I may have emailed my mom the link to the recipe with the subject “omg”. Last night, while it was SNOWING, these were in my oven. They were so excellent I even had one for breakfast today. The cookie dough would be fabulous rolled in cinnamon sugar (or even cinnamon-powdered sugar), and baked, as is. The cookies themselves are very soft, tender, plump, and the perfect balance of pumpkin and spices. But the genius in charge of this concoction decided to take a slightly sweetened cream cheese ball and surround it with the pumpkin cookie dough- leaving a cheesecake layer ‘surprise’ in the middle. The recipe advises taking a tablespoon of cookie dough, flattening it [...]

On Thursday, there was plenty of sunshine but my, was it windy. You could just tell a weather system was on its way. Friday morning we awoke to snow again on the high peaks and ski runs. It was gray, overcast, and spitting a chilly alternating mix of snow and rain throughout the morning. Zack and I drove down valley, where we’ve been looking at some real estate. While we were down there, we could see more weather coming in from the west. By the time we were back in Vail and unloading the truck, it was snowing. Big, fat, white snowflakes. And as the evening wore on, they started sticking to the grass. Oh, mountain living. I decided to make our house as cozy as possible and began a [...]

I’m a sucker for blue cornmeal. To me, it just seems so exotic because I didn’t see much of it growing up in Indiana. Colorado though- that’s a different story. When the cornmeal is whisked into a batter, the baked product usually comes out a dusty, blue-gray color. It may not be the most appealing color, but I welcome the refreshing change from the standard yellow or white. I once made a bread dough that was gray due to a portion of ground mineral-rich sea salt added in. Food is fascinating! These photos were taken the day before our first snow on the mountaintops. It was a stunning September day and our hike began with a bull moose sighting across the valley. Later that day, the rain moved in. It [...]

Every baker has a bad day in the kitchen from time to time. Last week I was so excited to try some fluffy, buttery biscuits after spending the previous week in the South. I swear, every time I’m fortunate enough to be down there, I could melt (literally and figuratively) with bliss. The humidity takes a little adjusting to, but when you have a beach right there, coupled with the salty ocean breeze, it’s no big deal. I’ve decided that beach walking is good for my soul…if only I could make it happen more! Our whole family got to hang out for an entire week and just relax. It was really wonderful. So when it was time to part ways, I was sad, but then again, there are far worse [...]

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