January 2014

Sometime between 5 am and 9 am it decided to snow, oh, about 13 inches. I got up early this morning to test some doughnut recipes and I had to spend quite a while pushing all that snow off the car.  I suppose it only made the doughnuts taste sweeter, as we sipped hot coffee and reveled in their pillowy softness while skiers clamored about outside in Vail village.  So why all this doughnut business? I  wanted to do a test batch of some doughnut varieties I have planned for an upcoming wedding. The bride wants to serve small doughnuts at the end of the night to her guests, along with spiked coffee and milk shooters. They will also have some little bags for guests to grab a few on [...]

I know I’ve shared my memories of baking recipes out of Taste of Home magazine with my mom when I was younger. The new magazine arrivals were always such a thrill- we’d sit together and go through each page, marking the recipes we planned to make.  These cappuccino muffins came to mind this afternoon when Zack, Abe, and I returned from a sunny hike. I loved them then and I still love them now. They are such a perfect muffin- fluffy and moist, with a delicious coffee-cinnamon flavor and studded with chocolate chunks or chips.  They’re also really fast to throw together, which of course works wonderfully with my new life as a puppy mother. I will say it is getting a little easier, so maybe one of these days [...]

Today was one of those sleepy, perfect kind of days off. It was much needed, too- I had two wedding cakes in Aspen last week, Zack’s been working a ton, and we have our new little monster, Abe, to constantly tend to. I never knew puppy training (and care taking) was as much work as it is! But, I’m not complaining. We love him to pieces. We’ve gotten quite a lot of snow since January began and it seems like every time I look at the window it’s snowing again. I mixed up these blondies this morning and I’m so glad I did. They literally are a one-bowl kind of treat, which means they’re super fast- excellent for my schedule these days when I’m on puppy time. The blondies are [...]

Greetings! I hope everyone’s been having a fresh and joyous start to 2014. December was a crazy month and I’m sorry I couldn’t do more posting, although there was plenty of baking  and pastry activity taking place.  There was a lot of Megan Joy Cakes work and another trip to Aspen: Right before Christmas I did a high altitude baking class with The Vail Mountain Club. It was held at one of the member’s beautiful homes and we made apple breton pie, pumpkin cheesecake snickerdoodles, and a hot chocolate torte. It was a lot of fun.   Shortly after, I left to go to Indiana for a week so I could celebrate Christmas with my family. At my grandma Jone’s Christmas Eve dinner, we enjoyed my favorite honey-glazed rolls. They are [...]

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