March 2014

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to divert from my usual brownie recipe and make something a bit more festive- these chocolate stout brownies. Living in Colorado, we are so spoiled when it comes to craft beer, so I opted to use something local rather than Guinness. Any strong, dark, malty stout beer will do here.  The batter is very thin, and bakes up into a fudge-like, creamy brownie. I think that next time I would omit the chocolate chips/pieces sprinkled on top, and instead finish these with a caramel glaze. They’re very rich and a salty contrast would be delicious.  But that alteration aside, you can never go wrong with brownies! Here are some other high altitude recipes that would be great for celebrating St. Patrick’s [...]

Happy March! I’m so delighted that we’ve been seeing more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Dare I say it’s starting to feel like spring?  I’ve been enjoying these cookies this week. I made the full batch of dough but only baked off a few at a time- I like them warm and gooey. Similar to an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, these also have chopped walnuts to give a little crunch (I substituted pecans) as well as grated milk chocolate. The oats are finely ground in your food processor so the cookies still have a hearty texture, yet they’re softer. There’s just about something for everyone in this cookie, and they traveled well packed in my pocket when we took the dogs on a hike. You may be familiar with the ‘story’ [...]

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