May 2014

Ahh, it’s really starting to feel like summer. I got back in town  recently after being gone for nearly three weeks and I was so delighted to hear and see the hummingbirds buzzing about. The last few days have been warmer with loads of sunshine, and everyone seems to just sense that summer is right upon us.  Abe and I took a hike today and he was thrilled to jump in and over streams of snow melt coming down the mountain. This will be his first time experiencing summer and I love watching his face take it all in.  The Frisco Whole Foods recently opened and as a result we ended up with more blueberries than we’ll be able to eat over the next few days. Hence, blueberry cake bars. [...]

Greetings, all.  I made this pie two weeks ago, right before leaving town. Unfortunately I was only able to enjoy one piece, while Zack was left to finish the remainder. I hear it only lasted two days.  We bought bags of pitted sour cherries from a fruit stand in Palisade last summer, then tucked them back into the depths of the freezer. I’ve been rationing them in a way; each time I feel the urge to bake something with fruit I consider my sour cherries and decide if the recipe is worthy of them. I did use some for the Sour Cherry Slab Pie back in August, which, was amazing. But this time I wanted a deep pie, one that was more traditional and packed with fruit. A little recipe [...]

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