Hooray, it’s March! I always love this time of year as there really is a big shift in season from winter to spring. Granted, we’ll still get snow and cool weather, but there are a lot more mild days and sunshine. To kick things off, I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for awhile. Our family loves brownies, as you can probably see from the various brownie posts on here. The beautiful thing about brownies is that they are so different- some recipes are quite rich, others chewy, we can put toppings on them, or add texture to them. Growing up, we ate a lot of those boxed mix brownies in school. What I always loved about them was their crinkly, shiny top crust. So I was thrilled to find [...]

Christmas is 9 days away! Are you ready? As promised, I made a candy recipe that performs appropriately at high altitude. My mom’s good friend Cheryl always sends the most delicious chocolate covered toffee around the holidays, and this recipe reminds me of it. It’s buttery, crunchy, chocolaty, and coated in nuts. Highly addictive.  I was expecting the recipe to be much harder than it really was. You cook butter, sugar, water, and salt; add vanilla, and then pour it onto your baking sheet. Let it cool, then cover each side in chocolate and finely chopped pecans. Break it up into pieces and you’ve got a hefty quantity of homemade candy on your hands, perfect for feeding guests or giving away as gifts.  Last night I also baked up some [...]

On one of my days off this week I found myself wandering into a local cheese shop, Eat! Drink! in Edwards, Colorado. Working in pastry, the food I crave most after work is salty, savory items. Cheese fits this bill quite nicely. I wanted to have some on hand for eating in the upcoming week. One perk to being a chef is that people always want you to taste their products, so every time I go into Eat! Drink! the friendly folks there busy themselves cutting away little wedges of new artisan cheeses for me to taste. I can’t complain, its fun. So on this particular trip, I was rather delighted to learn of Avalanche Cheese Company, based nearby in Basalt, Colorado. Their website is fantastic, and I hope to [...]

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