Frozen Desserts

It’s been a beautiful past week here in Vail. Perfect temperatures, a slight breeze, and hummingbirds everywhere. Now that it’s July the Rufuous hummingbirds have arrived in their fiery, copper splendor and provide great entertaining for the cat. I’ve managed to get a few hikes in and this morning I was out with my friend Rachael, picking berries right off the trail. I love summer. The house still gets a little stuffy by the afternoon, so I usually try to avoid baking mid-day. The past few farmer’s markets have had an increasing variety of produce available, which has been fun. Last night we made cherry jam and garlic-dill pickles. I bought a few pounds of apricots for more apricot liqueur, and with the leftovers I decided to make this sorbet. It’s [...]

Poor, poor Colorado. It is so hot and dry here that there is (and has been for some time now) a statewide fire ban. So that bride who wants sparklers at her wedding this weekend? Nope. Fireworks? Nope. Campfires when you’re CAMPING? Nope, nope, nope. I was hiking today and a bunch of grey, puffy clouds rolled in. I thought, finally. They left after a few sprinkles. Let’s hope we get some rain, soon. So while you’re trying to get into the summer spirit, sans campfire, here’s a great way to start: toasted marshmallow ice cream. It’s cool, it’s creamy, it’s TOASTY, it’s delicious. All the toasting is done using a girl’s best friend- the propane torch; or your broiler/oven. Colorado-safe. I whip up batches of this ice cream in [...]

Growing up, each summer my mom would take us to the strawberry patch down the road. We would pick the juicy, red berries in the early morning sun and ride a tractor back to the farm, loaded with our bounty. I loved squatting between the rows of plants, squealing at the occasional toad, and tasting the sweet berries. Grocery store strawberries, even when they were picked in season off in South America or California, still have nothing on these berries. So unless I have top-of-their-prime strawberries to work with, I like to roast ’em instead. Especially for treats like ice cream. Roasting deepens the flavor of the strawberries, and even if I happen to get a bland-tasting pint from the store, I can still be assured of a flavorful ice [...]

I. Love. Ice cream. I can’t think of a moment in my life that I have ever turned an offer for it down. As a toddler my mom would feed me small spoonfuls of Dairy Queen blizzards, sending my chubby little legs into a delighted kicking frenzy. My first job was in an ice cream shop. Soft-serve cones, sundaes, hand-dipped milkshakes…a pretty sweet gig. When the boss was gone I would make myself tiny sundaes and other frozen experiments. In college my roommates and I would walk to the nearest gas station for a ‘study break’ and the two scoop special. And I can’t forget my excitement upon producing our own ice creams in pastry school using top of the line equipment. Even now, after a long day of work, [...]

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