As a chef I respect the ingredients we use to create food with, and along with that I also deeply care about where they come from. You can never overlook that when it is your job to cook and bake with food everyday.

I can tell you it is much more satisfying to buy a flat of peaches from the farmer who grew them himself, than it is to select them from a huge display in a grocery store.

When I buy from a farmer I can see how much love he puts into his crops by the way he talks about them. How he was up until the early hours of the morning trying to pick those peaches so they would be at peak for the farmer’s market, and so on.

You come to trust them, because you can tell that with so much care behind what they do, they wouldn’t allow anything into that food that could harm you, or that wouldn’t be their best.

I look for the same thing when I am at the store. Companies and products that are honest in their principles and quality.

So a few months ago, when I was at the grocery store, something caught my eye in the baking aisle. Now folks, I have been baking for years upon years. I know most baking aisles by heart. And yet I had never heard of Wheat Montana.

I bought a bag, went home, and looked them up. Wheat Montana is a family-run company based out of Three Forks, Montana. They also happen to grow the highest elevation grain in the United States, with their farm at 5,000 feet above sea level.

Another plus- all of their flours are unbleached and unbromated. Many flours are artificially aged used chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide, potassium bromate, and chlorine gas. This process is banned in the European Union.

As someone who uses flour daily, this is a product that allows me to maintain my integrity as a chef. I can feel proud about serving pastries and desserts made with this flour to my customers and clients.

I am a fan. Check out Wheat Montana’s website for more info.

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