Yesterday evening we launched The High Altitude Bakes Holiday Cookbook, which is very exciting!

The cookbook is a downloadable flipping book format meaning you’ll have immediate access to the holiday recipes, and the ability to use the cookbook on your iPhone or iPad.

The High Altitude Bake Holiday Cookbook includes the following recipes adapted to 8,200 feet above sea level:

Eggnog Creme Brulee
Rice Pudding with Port-Glazed Figs
Hot Chocolate Torte
Spicy Peanut Brittle
Red Velvet Cake with Pecan Custard Cream
Pumpkin Bread with Rum-Soaked Cherries
White Chocolate Orange Biscotti
Cut-Out Sugar Cookies
Gingerbread Muffins
Cinnamon Rolls with Whiskey Icing
Honey Walnut Fig Cheesecake
Sweet Potato Scones
Braided Pistachio Coffeecake
Christmas Apple Pie

To purchase your own cookbook, go to the “Cookbooks” section on the top of the page. You will create an account that allows you to log-in to High Altitude Bakes and use your cookbook. If you’ve logged out, simply go to the “Cookbooks” section to access and log back in.

Happy holiday baking!

Hot-Chocolate-Torte Gingerbread-Muffins habhcb-pistachio-braid5 Cinnamon-Rolls Pumpkin-Bread-2 Sweet-Potato-Scones

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