Earlier this week, my parents and little brother arrived. Cam was on his spring break from college. I was so flattered they decided to use his week off by coming out to visit me!

We had a really lovely time. The weather was typical March weather in the mountains- blue skies, sunshine, warm temps, and of course, a few flurries.

There was quite a bit of cooking and baking. The evening they arrived, I wanted to make dinner since they had been traveling all day. I ended up making elk flatbread pizzas- homemade dough, balsamic pomegranate syrup, fresh arugula, smoked fontina cheese, and grilled elk. I could go on and on about how much I love elk meat. It is so delicious! This was the first time Cam and dad tasted elk and they enjoyed it.

I baked a loaf of Vanilla-Scented Butternut Squash Bread to have on hand for snacking, as well as Chocolate Stout Cake. We actually filmed the whole production and baking process of the Chocolate Stout Cake and hope to have a little web video available soon. I want to give you all a glimpse into my high altitude lifestyle.

This winter has been relatively warm and mild, so there is not too much snow on the ground, especially on south-facing slopes. Cam and I were able to go hiking up a few trails. Some parts were muddy, but the views were well worth it.

On another day, we drove around getting the truck muddy as we tried to find some good places for capturing scenic video clips and photographs. It was blustery that day, but fun. My mom always gets a little nervous driving up the winding mountain roads.

In the down time at my house, my dad and Cam worked on my live edge slab table. It is a beauty! They pieced together two walnut slabs with cement and stones to create a unique, custom table. The rest of the table is bamboo so it’s rustic and eco-friendly. It fits in perfectly with the Colorado mountain vibe, and Reuben, my cowhide rug.

I was sad to see them go today but I am already looking forward to our next visit. With the lack of snow this winter, I am hoping for an early summer. Hands-down my favorite time of year in the Rockies.

Stay tuned because HAB has many exciting updates underway!

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