What’s a great ‘getaway’ trip for mountain folk? Somewhere hot and sandy!

I recently took a little trip to Moab, Utah with one of my best friends, Mere.

It was the perfect escape. We left after work in the late afternoon and drove with the sunset. The terrain changes quite remarkably from Vail to Moab; Vail is filled with dramatic mountain peaks coated in pine trees, while Moab is red and rocky.

The drive was easy and so was the view.

I made a bunch of food for us to have on hand. We wanted to spend a lot of time in the national parks, and we were unsure as to how the food scene was in Moab. We also didn’t want to spend tons of money on marked-up meals. That is one thing you experience all too well when you live in a resort town…

One of our snacks was honey wheat bread that I served with a chickpea spread, cucumbers, and butter lettuce. I like to eat healthy, especially when I am being active. This is one of my favorite breads to make because it is so straight forward and always comes out well. It’s soft, wholesome, and flavorful.

I packed the chickpea spread in a cooler, along with the butter lettuce and thinly sliced cucumbers. For lunch, we pulled off a 4 x 4 road and opened the back of the truck. Then we built our open-faced sandwiches and took in the scenery.

It was, and I’ll say this again and again, simply STUNNING. Every bit the refreshing trip and weekend escape we needed.

Stay tuned and I’ll get a few of these recipes up soon!

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