Hostess may be closing its doors, but Megan Joy Confections is not!

This upcoming weekend, on November 24th, is Small Business Saturday, founded by American Express. Small Business Saturday always falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s main purpose is to support small businesses across the country- either by helping business owners get the most out of the day or by directing consumers on where to go to support local businesses in their community.

In honor of Small Business Saturday, Yeti’s Grind Coffeehouse and I will be teaming up to promote both of our own small businesses.

We figured with all of the attention that Hostess is receiving right now, people have Twinkies on their brains. And the best way to enjoy a Twinkie (or Ho-Ho, or Ding Dong) is to have one that is created with honesty- no preservatives- only organic eggs and quality ingredients. Served alongside an excellently crafted espresso beverage.

So we will be celebrating an “Homage to Hostess” on Saturday to shine some light on both Yeti’s Grind and Megan Joy Confections. Megan Joy Confections has been making nostalgic variations of childhood favorites since April 2012.

Come out to either the Eagle or Vail locations and see what all the fuss is about. People have been addicted to the Honest “Twinkies” and “Ding Dongs” since they made their first debut at Yeti’s Grind this summer.

Both stores will feature:

The original Honest “Twinkie”– Yellow sponge cake with fluffy vanilla bean filling.
The “Special Edition” Honest Pumpkin “Twinkie”– Spiced pumpkin sponge cake with silky maple filling.
The Honest “Ding Dong”– Rich cocoa cake filled with vanilla cream and glazed with bittersweet chocolate icing.
The Honest “Ho-Ho”– Naturally gluten-free, made from chocolate sponge cake wrapped up with vanilla bean filling and dipped in chocolate.

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