Greetings! I do apologize for the crickets that have been on here for quite some time. We finally wrapped up our busy season for 2014 weddings and I’m so delighted to have some much-needed down time. The temperatures are slowly dropping, the sunsets are coming earlier, and the holidays are going to be right around the corner. I definitely notice an increase in my desire to be in the kitchen this time of year! And first on our list- a spiced pumpkin cake roll. Many of you have requested a high altitude-friendly recipe for pumpkin cake rolls, and here it is. Cake rolls couldn’t be more easy to make, and they’re great for entertaining because they’re a spongy, light cake, with creamy filling that has a unique presentation all its own. [...]

When August rounded the corner a little over a week ago, I panicked. Where had summer gone?  This has been my busiest summer by far, filled with lots of beautiful weddings and wonderful clients, but with weddings every weekend it sure does fly.  I made these cookies on a whim the other evening. First, I couldn’t stop sneaking bites of the dough, then I couldn’t stop eating the baked and finished cookies. That says a lot for someone who is constantly around cake and pretty “sugared”-out.  I want to describe these as a lemon bar made into a sandwich cookie- but using lime and graham crackers in there too. Not too sweet, perfectly tart and creamy, bright-tasting, and extremely addictive… They truly do taste like you’re eating key lime pie. [...]

Sifting through blueberry recipes last night, I was delighted to have discovered this one for blueberry ‘buckle’. I am new to making buckle. We’ve had cobbler, crumble, and crisps, but never this.  What is a buckle, you ask? A buckle is a type of cake (1 layer) that has a streusel on top. The name buckle supposedly comes from the buckled appearance on the top of the cake from the streusel topping. And from my research, it’s traditionally made with blueberries.  This was exactly what I wanted to get out of my excess blueberries- a coffeecake sort of baked good with a ton of fruit, and a bit of textural contrast on the top. I don’t see why you couldn’t make this with peaches, plums, or other berries.  On Monday [...]

As we make our way into July, wedding season is now officially in full swing. I can’t even remember the last day I had ‘off’. Strangely, this afternoon while I was making tonight’s dinner, I felt the urge to bake something other than cake.  Cookies sounded good, but what kind? I immediately thought of this recipe, which is one of my mom’s favorite recipes for peanut butter cookies.  They’re insanely easy, and they deliver  yummy results. Tender, soft, and speckled with milk chocolate chips, we couldn’t stop eating these after dinner. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  The first I time I made this recipe at altitude I noticed that the cookies are very crumbly when you take them out of the oven. Let them cool [...]

Zack and I have purchased a grill- about time- and decided it would be fun to have some friends over for a cookout this past weekend. When I entertain, it’s uncalled for not to serve dessert. I feel like I’m not doing my job as a pastry chef if I don’t.  Zack suggested strawberry shortcake, and I immediately thought of my trusty vanilla sponge cake recipe. Rather than make individual shortcakes, or the biscuit kind, I would bake the cake batter in a deep springform pan. That way, once the cake has baked, you simply split it in half and fill with whipped cream and strawberries. You can also add some more on top, too. Fast, simple, and divine.  Everyone loved this dessert. We devoured it so quickly I didn’t [...]

Ahh, it’s really starting to feel like summer. I got back in town  recently after being gone for nearly three weeks and I was so delighted to hear and see the hummingbirds buzzing about. The last few days have been warmer with loads of sunshine, and everyone seems to just sense that summer is right upon us.  Abe and I took a hike today and he was thrilled to jump in and over streams of snow melt coming down the mountain. This will be his first time experiencing summer and I love watching his face take it all in.  The Frisco Whole Foods recently opened and as a result we ended up with more blueberries than we’ll be able to eat over the next few days. Hence, blueberry cake bars. [...]

Greetings, all.  I made this pie two weeks ago, right before leaving town. Unfortunately I was only able to enjoy one piece, while Zack was left to finish the remainder. I hear it only lasted two days.  We bought bags of pitted sour cherries from a fruit stand in Palisade last summer, then tucked them back into the depths of the freezer. I’ve been rationing them in a way; each time I feel the urge to bake something with fruit I consider my sour cherries and decide if the recipe is worthy of them. I did use some for the Sour Cherry Slab Pie back in August, which, was amazing. But this time I wanted a deep pie, one that was more traditional and packed with fruit. A little recipe [...]

We’ve had lovely weather the past week but today a pleasant little system is moving through, reminding us oh so well that we live thousands of feet up in the mountains and the weather has no mercy. While it’s damp and chilly outside I’m going to cozy up in the kitchen and share my recipe for caramel sauce along with some tips. Having a good caramel sauce recipe in your repertoire is always tremendously helpful. I find that caramel sauce is a great finishing touch that can elevate a simple treat to an outstanding dessert.  When I was younger I used to find caramel terribly intimidating. One Christmas I was determined to make chocolate turtles- pecans drizzled with caramel and then chocolate. I ate one warm and it was fantastic- [...]

My life the past month has been pretty hectic. I’ve had so many weddings, cake tastings, and other projects that I literally have not had any time for ‘casual baking’ at home, unfortunately.  What do they say- when it rains, it pours? On Tuesday I wrapped up a cake photo shoot and now, for the time being, I have a little time on my hands. Yesterday evening I baked these muffins, as well as the delicious Double Lemon Bars that are now a classic in our home.  We had salad for dinner and I wanted something a bit hearty, a bit sweet, and satisfying in the way that only carbs can be. A quick Internet search yielded these muffins. I threw some milk chocolate chips in ours, but I think [...]

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to divert from my usual brownie recipe and make something a bit more festive- these chocolate stout brownies. Living in Colorado, we are so spoiled when it comes to craft beer, so I opted to use something local rather than Guinness. Any strong, dark, malty stout beer will do here.  The batter is very thin, and bakes up into a fudge-like, creamy brownie. I think that next time I would omit the chocolate chips/pieces sprinkled on top, and instead finish these with a caramel glaze. They’re very rich and a salty contrast would be delicious.  But that alteration aside, you can never go wrong with brownies! Here are some other high altitude recipes that would be great for celebrating St. Patrick’s [...]

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